Donnerstag, der 13. August 2015
final touches

Our last normal rainbow day was all about finishing the rainbow, putting up the lense and to prepare for the opening day. The chosen representatives of each country worked on the youth speech with success. We were joined by four new guests and they were the Meyer family from Durban South Africa and they spent the afternoon at the BUGA park in Premnitz (Premnitz). Kitchen group cleaned everything and cooked the best lasagna ever. There was also delicious ice cream.

The working group was working very hard and was also supported by more people to finally put the bridge, add missing colors and to clean up the place. Maybe it was time to complete the rainbow, because everyone was very exhausted and small accidents started to happen (a beam fell on Mo´s foot, ow). The culture group went cycling and enjoyed the BUGA in Rathenow and we had some people singing outside as well as some hectic daring exhibitions that caused chaos and laughter all through the night as Julian dressed up as a girl.

All in all it was a peaceful, productive, loving, bread and cheese eating great day here at the Rainbow project in Premnitz (Premnitz).