Montag, der 10. August 2015
The day we made history

The morning started more quiet than usual and it took a long time until everyone made the hard step to leave his or her bed. However, the kitchen group had prepared breakfast already. It was delicious! Afterwards the working group went to continue building the rainbow that gets bigger and bigger. They worked on fixing the platforms so that the slide could be attached to it. The kitchen group encountered some difficulties in how to clean a bathroom, including the toilet, properly since some family members never had done that on their own.  But as always: together we manage a lot!

Surprise, surprise! The mayor of Premnitz (---PREMNITZ!!) came to welcome us with a delicious lunch aaaaaand the wifi-password! Yaaaay! All of us got the chance to write or name in the golden book of Premnitz (---PREMNITZ!!). We felt very important and special (from our head to our toes!). We’re famous!

After lunch and the warm welcoming words from the mayor we returned to our tasks, except for the culture group which went on a bike trip to visit the BUGA in Rathenow.

In the meanwhile Tine and Elisabeth went on an adventure tour with Super-Klaus’ car. Obviously it was the day of agriculture and they went to look at all the big brummies.

Dinner time arrived quickly that hot day and we all gathered around the tables to eat and exchange the funny stories and rumors of the day. We had a free evening, some played football, some sat down to chat and some preferred to sleep early while others – others? No! Mzi! – were putting all their remaining energy in learning how to ride a bike. He did a great job with Johanna’s and Marlene’s help, trying to find his “middle” and the balance. Some more practicing and he will be the master of the bike! “You can do it, Mzi!”

And that was, my friends, another day of the beautiful rainbow family!