Mittwoch, der 5. August 2015
Dealing with the heat

Waking up by the beautiful sound of two men singing a well practiced wake-up-song, everyone was immediately in a good mood. After a great breakfast (with cereals!) everyone went into the different groups. Some were exploring the variety in German supermarkets, some were sharing their personal conflicts and looking for signs of hope, others were painting the wood and each other and some were explaining these things to people walking pass.

After lunch most of the rainbow-participants went to one of the public baths nearby, Hillel took this as a challenge and followed the busses by bicycle. Since he couldn’t wait to get into the water after this hectic ride, he just wanted to take the next slide and refresh himself and his clothes but got stuck. Because of his trousers it took him a little longer to reach his destination at the end of the slide and everybody was amused. Afterwards people went back into their groups and worked hard until supper.

In the evening, we had a short introduction to the German history and the NS-Regime.
Listening to the sound of some people singing songs and playing the guitar, some people fell asleep outside, protected by the stars up in the sky.