Dienstag, der 4. August 2015
First day of painting

Yesterday breakfast started on time and it had the best kitchen group ever! Despite a lot of us being tired from soccer, and other activities (mostly talking, singing and causing chaos with a smile), every group was more than capable of doing the job that was required of them. The public group took a lot of amazing pictures of the happenings of the day. The working group did work that usually takes 4 days in their day. The rainbow is starting to take shape and they had a lot of fun with the paint and there was a lot of paint on their clothes at the end of the day. We had ICE CREAM thanks to the kitchen group and shared a lot of ourselves with each other within the different conversations that everyone was involved in amidst trying every flavor of ice cream under the sun. The culture group got to know more of one another and bonded closer as a family and got to know each other a little better.

The evening program was dedicated to celebrating the memory of Omri, Amiran and Tilda Golding’s son who was killed in a terror attack on this day in 2002. We watched the video message that was produced by some members of our rainbow family and this was led by Amiran and Roi. The public group led us in a personal, strengthening and engaging evening program about violence within our different societies. There were several conclusions that led us to believe that peace is the best way to combat and decrease the violence in the world as well as the violence in the corners where we are. We also believe that understanding one another is key to solving problems and misunderstandings can lead us to do things we may later regret. All in all it was a lovely day which was enjoyed by everyone chilling on the rainbow.