Sonntag, der 2. August 2015
Way to Premnitz

Diary for 02.08.15


After a wonderful celebration on the Rhin, some members of the group met in the morning to create a peaceful message of condolence to the Dawabshi family in Palestine whom were sadly violently attacked in their home. It was then time for us to all attend a church service at Nikolai Kirche  . During this service participants from the different countries made a brief presentation of the current problems facing their countries. We sang songs together and received a blessing for the next weeks of our rainbow project.  We then said our goodbyes to our host family in Alt Ruppin. It was sad to leave but we were all looking forward to the next weeks of the project and our new home in Premnitz…Premnitz.  The drive was just over an hour and most participants used this opportunity to rest and sleep (luckily not the drivers) while others partied hard.  We then found our new rooms and unpacked. Someone was a little too excited about their new beds and broke it We were warmly welcomed by the deputy mayor and the pastor of the local congregation at our new home and found that supper had already been prepared for us. In their evening the young participants enjoyed a time of games and fun. After this long day, everyone went to bed looking forward to the first working day in the morning.