Samstag, der 1. August 2015
Rhin Corso

Day 1 – arrival


The german group arrived early to prepare and welcome the international groups .


They prepared lunch and comfortable rooms before travling to the airport to pick up the other participants .


While the participants from Israel meet at the airport at 2am they grabbed something to eat and checked in  . once they arrived to Berlin at 11 am Rolf and Ludger picked them up before driving to Alt Ruppin “ they’re weekend home “ .


The south Africans group meet at Johanna esburg at 5 pm they’re plane was supposed to board at 8pm but it was delayed for an hour . but they finally left for germany where they were welcomed by the germans in Berlin .


Once the group was all together in Alt Ruppin they all enjoyed they’re first Rainbow meal together


After that everyone  gathered around in the living room and discussed they’re plans for the weeks.




Day 2 – first rainbow birthday


After a much needed sleep all the participants had breakfast with the birthday boy  Julian he was crowned and dressed by all the participants . we split into family groups for small discussion about our year since 2014 in Israel .


We named our groups and started decorating for the rhin corso – boat festival  also enjoying our time in the water and the sun .

At 8 pm we had a grill outside before the
festival began at half past nine pm . we saw some wonderful  boat decorations  and fireworks it was had an amazing evening
together laughing dancing , twerking  and
socializing . at mednight everyone went to sleep to prepare for the traveling
to premnitz