Samstag, der 8. August 2015
Family weekend!

As it was Elisabeth’s birthday on Saturday we celebrated and partied a lot in different places each of us with our host families around the area, in Jüterborg and of course also in Hamburg =)

Some went to a pool party overcoming their prejudice about German celebrating habits. Others could refill their meat-sucking batteries having a nice barbecue together. They’ve never imagined before that it would be possible to survive five days without it.

The group staying at Beate’s place could enjoy her hospitality understanding only train station when she wanted to sleep in the kitchen.

Moe had some nice time hanging round with his new doggy friends, meeting old neighbour ladies while he was showering naked in the garden and got to know sweaty starting-car techniques with his very nice woddenhead-sculpturing host. We’re all excited to get to know him for the opening.

Banan actually spent the weekend cuddling airplanes learning a lot about them and their lives. She had the best trip ever being in the air with one of them.

We’re convinced that each of us had a special time making new experiences within their very open-hearted and welcoming families. We also learned a lot about former East- and West-Germany and our other home countries.

When we came back to our head-quarter in Premnitz (Premnitz!) we finally could welcome Thomas, Matthias and a bit later also Schlingel - formerly known as Ofir - back to our big crazy and beloved family.