Montag, der 3. August 2015
Our first day in Premnitz

For the first time we woke up in Premnitz (Preeeeemnitz!) to get started on the actual mission: building the R-A-I-N-B-O-W. In order to give everyone the chance to begin the day as tasty as possible, the kitchen group got up way early to prepare breakfast. But first things first – an important issue occurred. Does everyone know how to separate garbage as to be thoughtful of our environment? To make sure nothing goes wrong our “safety team” explained the German recycling system to our international friends. After breakfast we took our first trip to the Bundesgartenschau-site together as a group. Why did everyone have to be there? Finally the SIK-Holz-company delivered all the material we need to build the rainbow in Premnitz – except the hope and spirit we carry within ourselves. Every single one of us took part in unloading the truck under the supervision of our Super-Klaus. The working as well as the public group stayed on-site together with Klaus and Amiram to begin the hard digging work to prepare the place, located right next to the river Havel. The public group together with Abe also represented the project to the BUGA visitors. The other groups left the BUGA-site to take care of their tasks of the day. Claudia, Tilda, Rolf and the culture group met in the gym to exchange personal experiences on the topic of conflicts. At the end of the day each of them produced a tile which will be placed on the BUGA to illustrate their ideas of dealing with or overcoming different kinds of conflicts. In the meantime the kitchen group planned lunch and supper. An interesting discussion about a seemingly easy meal came up since the family groups consist of people with diverse backgrounds who are used to do things in different ways. Embracing those different ideas they created a good mixture of everything. Yummy! They took the first trip to the supermarket together with Heinz and Samia and started the shopping tour by trying out the Pfandrückgabesystem for the first time. Success! We got 7,50€! Recycling is fun! Although, back in the school, the safety team sadly had to discover that the separation of garbage leaves some room for improvement.

When the tasks of the day were almost completed we eventually gathered outside in front of the rainbow flag to shoot the message of condolence for the Dawabshi family in Palestine. Representatives of the whole rainbow group spoke to the family to express us being with them in their pain and fear. Click here to see our message:

In the meanwhile we received a very sad message that Rolf shared with the whole group. Once again we realized that our group is not only growing together by sharing happy moments but even more so by standing together in pain and sadness.

In the run of the evening we came together to play soccer, sing, dance, talk and play games and went to bed late… Whoops! Good for Roi – he put his earplugs in and fell asleep peacefully.